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What Is PensEyeView.com?

PensEyeView.com is an active archive of interviews with some of the best emerging artists and hit makers
the world has to offer... along with some other good stuff.
But what is it… to us?
The team at PensEyeView.com firmly believes that every great idea starts with a pen, paper and a vision. 
It’s that exchange between pen, paper and idea. It’s your vision translated upon a page. It’s the belief
that people are willing to give new ideas a chance. A concept. A song. A picture. A statement. It’s the
idea that amazing talent is everywhere – not just what’s dropped in front of us. That vision, that drive, that is the
Pen\'s Eye View.  It’s the chance that something you read about on this site will connect and stay with you
forever – a connection that could easily slip by without a set of the PEV XXQ’s (twenty questions).
And from this vision we developed PensEyeView.com. And since April 1, 2007, we’ve featured answers to the
XXQ’s (20 questions) from hundreds of emerging artists, musicians and visionaries from five continents
and over a dozen countries; a new one every 48 hours. We hope you enjoy PEV as much as we enjoy building it every day.
Let us know what you think.
Meet Team PensEyeView.com
Richie Frieman, President, PensEyeView.com
It was from a sparkle in the eye of a young Richie Frieman that PensEyeView.comwas born, believing that all great
ideas start with a pen, a paper, and a vision. Richie is moving in about 1,000 different directions at once
and is responsible for many of the XXQ’s you read every two days. The guy just has a thing for stories –
how they affect creativity and the people involved.
Frieman is also the stylish member of the group – you can catch his reviews in the PEV Style section
(and he doesn’t rock gear from Baby Gap… we’ve checked). If you roll over to www.RichieFrieman.com,
you can learn more about his alma mater, the University of Maryland and one the children’s books
he’s written and illustrated: the aptly named “Terple”. Looking for a fun fact? Richie and Director of
Communications, Ken Harmon have won several pro wrestling tag team championships together as the duo
of \"The Thrill From Israel\" Buster Maccabi (Richie) and Apollo Cruz (Ken), know together as Xtreme Pandemonium.
Contact Richie: RFrieman@PensEyeView.com
Walt Zalis, Head of Creative Development, PensEyeView.com
For a guy who didn’t go to school for journalism, Walt sure writes a lot. Hell, he even wrote what
you’re reading… right now! He is responsible for much of the content on PensEyeView.com, the PEV FaceBook
page AND the PEV Twitter page (fortunately the guy is unable to focus on anything for too long, so he
jumps around). And it seems he may actually be living up to his creative label, introducing sections such
as “Ken vs. Walt”.
Walt has earned a couple degrees, but everything he really needed to know to get through life he learned in
the squared circle, where he met PEV pals Richie and Ken (he met our web guru Aaron Sheets in middle school).
Fun fact time: Walt has been attacked and bitten (drawing blood!) by four animals: a squirrel, a goat, a dog
and a pot-belly pig.
Aaron Sheets, Web Guru, PensEyeView.com
Our good friend Aaron is responsible for making us look good, really. Seriously, without Mr. Sheets,
PEV.com would be nowhere near as sexy as it is today. When Aaron isn’t mocking us for our tech
ignorance (or Richie for his height), he can be found completing the 300 workout faster than you can,
drinking really good wine, or researching the next big step PEV takes in its web presence.
Sheets is also a well educated man and oddly enough, the only PEV team member who has never
stepped inside a wrestling ring. Weird. Fun Fact: Aaron does everything really well. Need something
built? Call Aaron. Need a web site? Call Aaron. Need to move some furniture? Call Aaron. Need a good
wine recommendation? Call Aaron. There’s a reason we like him around here…
Ken Harmon, Director of Communications, PensEyeView.com
Ahh, Ken. The dreamy one. Yes, Ken has pretty eyes – but he’s not just a pretty face! Harmon spends
much of his time with PEV by researching new talent to invite to the pages of PensEyeView.com, as well as 
looking into other opportunities by “communicating” with some of our favorite collaborators.
Harmon also brings some discipline to the PEV squad, having served in the United States Navy from
1997 - 2002, rising to the rank of Petty Officer Second Class. Ken also likes to run. Really far. Too far in
my opinion really, having already completed the Baltimore Marathon and competing in several other
marathon relays. Like I mentioned – he can also wrestle, forming the championship team of Xtreme
Pandemonium with President Frieman. Fun Fact: If you want to get married right now, Ken is your man.
He’ll legally marry you and your bride/groom… probably only for a few beers and a slice of pizza.